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Everything is found in the minutia

Even his similes are metaphors.

Nathaniel BenAngelo
12 January
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NB: If you know any of my 'real' names in any IRL form, please refrain from using them on this site. Thank you.

Since returning from years of exile, our hero has stuck his toes boldly over the line of sanity, and has renamed himself with yet another alias.

Going down a garden path, he trips on a rock and says "ouch"

But it doesn't hurt.

You can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep.

Ergo, Read my friends' journals.

Have a nice day, and Keep on Trucking!
Oral Sex Donations Accepted

I also moderate four communities:
egfabt a place where evil genii of all persuasions discuss our plans to make the world a better place
vineland a community to discuss all things vinous, and to compare tasting notes of the nectars we have tried.
cleverselfharm a community for people who are tired of dull self-injury and are looking to do it with a bit more style and creativity.
mirnymirnymirny which is a fan fiction page for a real life (and tres cool) person who refuses to get her own live journal.
weirdjews1 because everybody should have their own WeirdJews community.

As well, I have a second journal:
lack_of_sex which is my infrequently updated lack of sex journal - thus the name.

I am also the founder of the Equalism movement (a movement dedicated to equality for all people, regardless of sex or race) which now (moderated by the ineffable ataventure) has a voice, which is at equalitarian

In the real world, Privacy Counts.

I value my privacy and anonymity enough to avoid the LJ Abuse 'Emergency Contact' System First Post lemming.

Do you? The identity you save may be your own.
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