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Sur les Idees Fixees

I think it's time for a new obsession. It's been months, at least, since I've fixated on something and let it suck up and destroy my life.

I think this time, it will be pens. Fountain pens to be specific. Fountain pens and ink to be more precise. Yes, that should do.

Horridly expensive suckers though. Although I did find a really neat iridescent blue Parker on sale at Bordeaux Stylos. Only 45€. Woot. Yes, I just said 'only' when talking about potentially spending 45€ on a pen. Ahhh, obsession.

In other news, there are at least four different magazines dedicated to pens and ink. Clearly this is not a new obsession for many. I also need to get the Noodler's Blue Ghost ink, being as it's an invisible (black light) ink. Yes. Thane wants.


edit: In other other news, I'm happy. I have somebody to cuddle with, and despite my best efforts, I havn't buggered it up yet.
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