Nathaniel BenAngelo (angel_thane) wrote,
Nathaniel BenAngelo

On Autumn

I was about to make reference to a post that I made nearly two years ago, with the comment that it was a few posts (but two years) ago;I've just realised that I apparently posted significantly more in France than I had imagined.

Before I get to that though, a headed timeline of the phases of my life.

- 1984: Childhood
1984 - 1998: Hermitage
1998 - 2000: Awakening (I struggled with this title for a while, switching between First Flight, Socialisation, and others, before deciding on Awakening on a whim; it's not particularly accurate, and may be changed.)
2000 - 2002: First Exile (The English Exile)
End of 2002: Voyage
2003 - 2004: Stasis
2005 - 2006: Home
2006 - 2007: Second Exile (The French Exile)
2007 - : First Sojourn
[Early 2008: Madness]

A greater than imagined many posts, and nearly two years ago, I wrote about Autumn and change through preservation.

This Autumn feels very different from either that one, or the one that found its way in between these two - last year was springlike, filled with hope and new continuations. This one seems to be looking backwards, even as new experiences rush onward.

Time will tell.
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