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Sur ma Levre Supiereure

It has not been since shortly after University - September 2000 if I recall - that my ever-changing facial hair has been arranged into sideburns; or more properly mutton chops. After that I did the sucide-bomber beard for far too long, a full beard, burns and 'stache, a chin strap, handlebars, and even the anti-goatee (not necessarilly in that order, and certainly not limited to once per type). Thinking back, it's probably been the better part of half a decade since my upper-lip, complete with parallel razor-scars has been visible to any member of the public not residing in my facial hair. (For the record, I imagine that to be approximately everybody.)

Aparently though, I still have a lip - and the scars (the result of shaky hands combined with an Excel dual-blade disposable) seem to have faded noticeably. Not sure how long I'll keep it, but there ya go and here ya are. Anybody wishing to experience this occurance rarer than a groundhog seeing its shadow in Antarctica on its nominal day should probably get themselves to France poste-haste.

As an aside, my right thumb has clearly been broken. Anybody have any idea how that happened?
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