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Sur les Traductions

It was a bad idea, wrapped in a stupid move, shoved head first inside a foolish notion. Let this be a lesson to everybody climbing 270 uneven marble steps with a gimpy knee is a BAD idea. Especially when the spiralness of the steps makes using your cane nearly impossible. Especially when one is afraid - deathly so - of heights. Especially when one's camera is in Ireland.

Yeah. So not the best idea I've ever had. But what choice was there? It was free. And the view, such that I was able to see when not cowering in fear, was lovely. I was rather surprised by the number of peaks that the Bordelais buildings had.

Speaking of which, I was in a used book shop today. Oh, how I love used book shops - truly, madly, and completely. Decided to pick up Camus's 'L'etranger'. While about to pay for it, I noticed a book behind the counter: 'Le Dictionaire de Diable'. I asked if it was by Ambrose Bierce - it wasn't. But, said the slightly gnomish man behind the counter, he did recall seeing it elsewhere.

Off he went, into the area created by the bay window. Rummaging deep through piles of books; I stared in amazement at his recall of not only what books he had, but of where they were; the shelves were all stacked at least two deep - this was not the paragon of organisation (or at least didn't appear it, though actions would dictate otherwise). When he finally surfaced, there it was: Ambrose Bierce's 'Devil's Dictionary' - or rather 'Le Dictionaire de Diable' par Ambrose Bierce - a true classic.

This amazed me. How does one translate a dictionary, let alone something like the Devil's Dictionary? Do you change the order of entries to suit the new alphabetising, or keep them?

It'll be an interesting read.
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