Nathaniel BenAngelo (angel_thane) wrote,
Nathaniel BenAngelo

Sur l'Education

It appears, as of today, that for the first time in eight years, I can now look forward to spending my September (and many months afterwards) in an Institutionalised Learning Environment.

As many of you probably know, I've applied to a few Ontarian law schools for the upcoming year. I have not heard back from them as of yet - although, coincidentally enough, today is the first day that one of them, UOttawa, will begin mailing out rejection letters. I have also, partly as a lark; partly as a back-up; and partly out of genuine interest, applied to a number of other schools: Niagara College's Winemaking programme, George Brown's Culinary Management (Chef School) programme, and three J-schools (Centenial, Humber, and Niagara). Today (in the first hour of eligibility), George Brown let me know that they'd love to have me as a student. Most of the J-schools want me to write a grammar test, which would be laughably easy were I actually anywhere near Canada - we'll see how those work out.

So for now, I wait. But it looks like September will be a time of lugging books (and possibly knives) around again.

EDIT 18:05 EST: In at Niagara College J-School.
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