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Sur Monsieur Beckham, Qui Est le Nouveau Monsieur Gretzky

Dublin is going smashingly... I think I had more to write about that, but it's not coming to me right at this moment, sadly. I have been taking photos, but that will have to wait for my return before I decide if I can be bothered to post them... I think you'll like them, especially the one about one of our former PMs.

Incidentally, _briar_rose_ I have just met your exact Irish double. It's rather spooky actually.

(Having been away from LiveJournal for most of the past week I'm going to assume that somebody else has noted this previously, but) Has anybody else noted the eerie similarities between the Beckham transfer and the Gretzky trade back in the 80s? Both have been considered (although for both it has been argued) the best player in their respective sports of their time. Both lead their first teams to Championships. Both were moved while playing in a league that was not the one with whom they started their pro careers. Both got moved to LA, and in both cases the hope is that they will popularise their sports with the USian public. It should be interesting - at least we know that Toronto FC will sell out one game next season. Sure Beckham might be a bit older than Gretzky was, but beyond that...
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